BarDIMM Pro for HP LaserJet Futuresmart printers

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The BarDIMM Pro solution is the most complete and simple product to quickly and accurately print barcodes on HP LaserJet laser printers from ERPs such as SAP, as well as generating special symbols used in industrial documents and labels.

BarDIMM Pro extends the PCL5 printer language of your HP Enterprise printers, adding all the needed barcoding intelligence, it completes the printers and SAP built-in barcoding capabilities by supporting the latest barcode standards, allowing full horizontal and vertical resizing and automatically neutralizing and troubleshooting the barcode data in case of data format error.

All that ensures the best possible barcode printing in environments where any mistake in barcode printing can be very costly.

Example of the many barcode types generated by BarDIMM Pro:

BarDIMM Pro also features special symbols, OMR, OCR-A, OCR-B, all scalable, for label and technical documents printing, callable with PCL5 printer commands

Barcode generation requires PCL5 control commands in the print flow, those are already built in SAP and are easy to add to custom applications using the PCL5 printer language to describe documents.

You need to verify your software natively supports BarDIMM (ie SAP) or that you can include PCL5 printer language commands in your PCL5 print job before purchasing BarDIMM Pro.

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