Intelligent Barcoding in Action 


Adding barcodes on documents output by SAP, Linux, Unix, AS/400 or even your own custom application, is easy after adding BarDIMM Pro to your printer. It will instantly become proficient in producing high quality 1D and 2D barcodes in documents and at high speed. 

The BarDIMM Pro solution is the most complete and simple product to quickly and accurately print barcodes on office laser printers. It also completes the printers and SAP built-in barcoding capabilities by supporting the latest barcode standards, allowing full horizontal and vertical resizing and automatically troubleshooting the barcode data in case of error. All that ensures the best possible barcode printing in environments where any mistake in barcode printing can be very costly.

  Unlike some barcode solutions, which merely add fonts to a PC or printer, BarDIMM Pro is a hardware solution that is installed on the printer to extend its PCL5 intelligence and language. Barcode formatting, resizing, error detection, and checksum calculation are performed automatically by printer thanks to the BarDIMM Pro intelligence, reducing the load on the host, the printer and the network. Barcodes can be printed in almost any size or rotation, bar width, and height. Caption text can even be embedded in the bars or printed above or below the bars in a variety of fonts and font sizes. BarDIMM Pro does not require programming or adding software to SAP or your ERP, is not priced per user or PC, is system-independent and easy, fast, flexible, transparent and accurate.

Some printers also feature built-in some barcode fonts, those are good for developers who can program the barcode algorithm in their application to build the final readable barcode. But first of all fonts make barcodes larger when they are taller and that’s not how barcodes work. furthermore in real world barcodes are complex, they need data encapsulation, encoding, checksum and even use various symbol sets to encode differently digits, letters and mix of digits, letters and special characters such as function codes.

Do like thousands of companies, equip your printer with BarDIMM Pro technology and produce state of the art barcodes right away, Plug & Play with most applications and ERPs!

BarDIMM Pro simplifies barcoding

Supports all barcodes, 1D and 2D

All those barcodes are supported

  • GTIN-12 / UPC-A
  • GTIN-12 / UPC-E
  • GTIN-8 / EAN-8 / JAN-8
  • GTIN-13 / EAN-13 / JAN-13
  • Code 39
  • Extended Code 39 (also known as code 3 of 9)
  • Code 93
  • Extended code 93
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 (also known as code 25 Interleaved)
  • Industrial 2 of 5  (also known as code 25 Industrial)
  • Matrix  2 of 5  (also known as code 25 Matrix)
  • Code 128
  • GS1-128 / EAN 128 /UCC 128
  • UCC 128 19 digits fixed lenth
  • Codabar
  • Monarch
  • MSI Plessey
  • GS1-14 / DataBar14 / RSS14, Stacked, Truncated
  • GS1 Databar Limited / RSS Limited
  • GS1 DataBar/RSS Expanded

2D barcodes

  • 2D Composite Component complement for GS1 DataBar/RSS barcode
  • PDF 417
  • Composite Component, CC, for RSS barcodes
  • UPS Maxicode
  • DataMatrix
  • QRCode
  • Codablock-F

Postal barcodes

  • USPS Intelligent Postal Barcode
  • ZIP+4 Postnet
  • USPS Tray barcode
  • USPS Sack barcode
  • USPS Zebra barcode
  • UK Royal Mail RS4CC barcode
  • Danish Postal Barcode
  • French Postal Barcode
  • German 25 Postal Barcode
  • Singapore 4state barcode
  • Australia Post 4state barcodes


  • OMR codes
  • OCR-A
  • OCR-B

Scalable Symbols for documents

BarDIMM Pro includes more than 120 scalable symbols
that can be used in documents and labels, using PCL5 commands.

System agnostic barcoding solution

Plug&Play with SAP and Other ERPs
BarDIMM Pro is “Plug & Play” with many ERP applications including SAP. The solution can also be used with any ERP generating PCL5e printer language. It does not need any software or middleware on the PC or servers,  this is the safest and cheapest solution ever, it is priced per printer, not per user.

Barcoding from Other Systems
Barcoding from other systems, such as Unix, Linux, AS/400 or mainframes, is also available by inserting barcoding commands in PCL5 flows or ASCII/SCS spool files. The BarDIMM Pro solution features the complete set of BarDIMM functionalities, plus a flash disk to store signatures, forms, logos, or fonts.

The Advantages of BarDIMM Pro

  • Easy to Install: The BarDIMM Pro hardware is installed in a few minutes on the printer
  • Universal: Supports more than 80 types of barcodes and any network PCL5 printer
  • Includes an extensive library of scalable symbols used on labels and shipping/manufacturing documents.
  • Plug & play in Windows—standard activation through the application font menu
  • Easily usable in PCL/SCS mode from AS/400 and from Unix systems using the included Freescape technology
  • Checks and validates incoming data
  • Error messages when barcode data is NOT valid for the active symbology
  • Automatic Checksum calculation and data compression
  • Text is automatically printed under bars, formatted and scaled by the printer
  • Freescape technology replaces the escape character with an ASCII character, configurable from the printer front panel menu and through escape sequence

BarDIMM Pro is available for most printers from

  • Canon (contact Canon for information)
  • Dell
  • Epson
  • Fuji-Xerox
  • HP
  • Kyocera
  • Lexmark
  • Oki
  • Ricoh
  • Samsung (contact Samsung for information)
  • Sharp
  • Toshiba
  • Xerox

and any other PCL5 compatible network printer

Supported Barcodes

Supported Printers

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