BarDIMM Pro, the industry-standard
barcoding solution for laser printers

Jetmobile BarDIMM Pro and BarDIMM Box solutions are platform independent intelligent barcoding solution for PCL5 compatible laser printers, copiers and ink jet printers. It allows to print barcodes from SAP very easily, without using any middleware. BarDIMM is Plug&Play with Mainframes and ERPs such as SAP® with PCL5 print flow.

BarDIMM Pro extends the PCL5 printer language of your printers, adding all the needed barcoding intelligence. Barcode formatting, coloring, sizing, error detection and checksum calculation are performed by the BarDIMM intelligence, reducing the load on the host, the network and the printer. Barcodes are perfectly and instantly printed in almost any size or rotation, bar width, and height.

BarDIMM Pro is the perfect replacement for the HP Bar Codes printing solution HP271TT, a limited emulation of our advanced barcoding solution.

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