Save significantly by right-sizing your
MFPs and printers fleet,
removing all print-related servers,
applying print & copy cost reduction
and High Security Mobile Pull Printing

Strong Security
for your Documents

  • Secure documents, printers,
    MFPs and LFPs against unauthorized access
  • Authenticate to print/copy/scan
  • Print jobs can’t be forgotten on printer output trays
  • Encrypted BYOD mobile printing
  • PKI-encryption of print jobs,
    end-to-end, from the client PC
    to the printer
  • Kerberos-secure scan to home folder
  • High Availability, always-on

Global Cost Reduction
& Control

  • Remove all print servers
  • Remove all print application servers
  • Track print/copy/fax/email activities
  • Apply cost reduction policies
  • Soft and hard quotas available to help control running cost budgets.
  • Set individual user access rights for printer functions
  • Extended reporting, individual and per ActiveDirectory OU and group

Print Mobility
and BYOD

  • Release print jobs on any printer on the corporate network, using a PIN, employee badge or PKI smartcard
  • Print from any smartphone, tablet, or mobile computer
  • Let users and visitors print easily from smartphones and tablets, with data encryption, rules enforcement and release control
  • Delegate print to a secretary or colleague